PERFECT PUFFEL HEATH: to get ur puffel feeling the most healthy/all the bars r filled up, u gotta do it in the right order-bath,food.down to up. if u bath, u dont need to rest!

PUFFEL SURF WITH YOU- simpley bring ur red puffel on a walk and go Catchin’ Waves.

STAND IN DOORWAYS-go to the mountain and click on bunny hill;before your penguin gets there, bring up the map.say “yes” you’d like 2 play. when another player joins and the game starts, click on a location on the map about 5 secounds into the game.then click on a doorway such as the gift shop door and rapidly press w until you reach the door. ur penguin will wave and you’ll b in the doorway.(Note: others can see it)

ASTRO BARRIER LEVEL JUMP-on astro barrier, before pressing start:press 1 to start on level 10;2 to 20 and 3 to 30.

ASTRO BARRIER SECRET LEVELS-beat level 10 and on level 11 where it explains the orange block,wait 30 sec, and a blue ship will appear. hit it.

ASTRO BARRIER EXPERT LEVELS-beat level 30 and on the page where it explains the turret, wait 30 sec. and a blue ship will appear.have the turret hit it.

MOVE OTHERS FURNITURE-go to your igloo and open up the tape measure.keep it up and go to the hq using spy phone.go 2 member igloo and u can move the stuff.(Note: no one else can see this, but mess up a friends igloo and invite them over and show them)

TALK WITH NEWSPAPER-pull up the newspaper and press tab and u can talk with the paper!( u cant see it but others can)

NUBBING-click on dark blue part of chat bar and then quickly dubble click the white part under the chat bar.hope it works!, it will eventually.

DIFFERENT CLOWN DANCE- put on ur whole clown suit.change into just the hula skirt but dont x outta ur player card.move ur player card to the side so u can see like it? also, instead of the hula skirt, try the miners helmet.

PLAY MUSIC WITHOUT STERO IN IGLOO-buy a stereo or something like it and put it in ur music.then put the stereo back into inventory. the music still plays!you can also still change the music.but if you put it to no music, you’ll have to do the cheat again to get it back.(stereo required)

SECRET SECTIONS OF NEWSPAPER- in the newspaper under poetry, click on the bolded word POETRY. it will bring up one “More Poems”.

OVER 100 BUDDIES- have 99 buddies then send requests to almost everyone in the room(has 2 have a lot of penguins in room). wait till they accept and you should have over 100 buddies.

WALK ON BEACON WALLS-go by the right side of the lightbulb and try to go in the little the +/= key and every thing should get all cubed.
right away,click on the opposite side of where you are. ( it doesnt always and if it doesnt keep trying

SNOWGLOBE IGLOO-in upgrade cataloge, click all of the words “snow”. there are 7. then click on the window of the basic igloo.(this should work for a little while longer until the cataloge doesnt do it anymore.

RAPID SNOWBALLS-press(dont type) t and aim for one spot(1 is easier). shoot it and really fast keep doin: t.…

INVISIBLE DANCE- have nothing on and pull up player card. put on a special dance item like the miners helmet. keep player card up and put ti to the side so you can see urself. dance. only you can see it, but im pretty sure others can see it for the first 3-5 secounds.

TALK IN ULTIMATE SAFE CHAT SERVERS-on edit account,uncheck safe chat.go to another can talk now.

QUICK 40 COINS-go surfing under survival. get in water and ur score is 200. last 5 more secounds and quit when your score is 400. i was bored and used this when cart surfer was blocked.

there r probably some i missed so comment and tell me,

Ttyl,      ❤ Heartcrushed


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